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Bay Area Native Tom Hanks Upset Over Oakland Raiders’ Move to Las Vegas

jeudi, mars 12th, 2020

Bay Area Native Tom Hanks Upset Over Oakland Raiders’ Move to Las Vegas

Celebrated A-lister Tom Hanks is certainly one of America’s most cherished Hollywood talents.

He’s entertained moviegoers for many years, but regarding their entertainment that is own claims he won’t be tuning in for Raiders football games after the franchise relocates to Las Vegas.

Once the Oakland Raiders relocate to Las Vegas, expected to occur in 2020, don’t look for Tom Hanks regarding the sidelines.

There is no crying in baseball, as Hanks’ character Jimmy Dugan so memorably said in ‘A League of these Own,’ but when considering to soccer and Hanks’ beloved Raiders, apparently there is certainly.

Appearing at a fundraiser in bay area to support education that is local Hanks told attendees that he’s going on a two-year moratorium from watching the NFL after the Raiders jump town for Sin City. Raised and born in the Bay Area, Hanks attended Skyline tall School in Oakland, that is just five miles from where the Raiders have played their games since 1995.

While Hanks was on-hand to raise cash for education, plus they did to the tune of over $500,000, the celebrity also took time to educate those around him on why the Raiders moving to Nevada is wrong 21 dukes casino signup bonus.

‘You cannot simply take the Silver and Ebony, put them in a air-conditioned dome in the desert, make them use artificial turn within a stone’s throw for the fountains of Caesars’ Palace, and call them the Raiders,’ Hanks opined, as reported by theSF Chro (suite…)