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Our company is perhaps maybe not gold diggers – Vietnamese spouse in Taiwan breaks stereotypes

samedi, mars 28th, 2020

Our company is perhaps maybe not gold diggers – Vietnamese spouse in Taiwan breaks stereotypes

A new girl is arriving popular perception of Vietnamese wives in Taiwan for what it’s: irrational prejudice.

« simply how much did you pay to have a Vietnamese spouse? « 

It was among a few questions that are rude John Li could perhaps perhaps not escape as he married Nguyen Thu Hang.

Provided the context of several ladies from poor Vietnamese families being compensated to be spouses of older guys from Taiwan, Southern Korea and Asia, this real question is maybe understandable, but Hang does not have any intention of using it lying down.

She really wants to smash the unfair stereotyping of Vietnamese women being gold-diggers with all the truth for the tremendous sacrifices they often alllow for the benefit of the families and also the care they offer with their brand brand new families.

She actually is well prepared to achieve this that she uses to good effect to spread her message because she has her own YouTube channel, HangTV.

Nguyen Thu Hang lives and works in Taiwan. Picture due to Nguyen Thu Hang

Nguyen Thu Hang married John Li in might after several years of dating. The two share with the world videos about learning Vietnamese, cooking special food together, visiting numerous famous destinations and so on on her YouTube channel, HangTV. The videos have actually attracted thousands of loves and responses admiration that is expressing their love tale.

To start with, the couple put up HangTV simply for activity but once they got a complete large amount of commentary and reactions from individuals, they recognized their « bigger obligations. « 

« Aside from helping Taiwanese people realize more info on Vietnam, i do believe our love tale additionally yields a brand new viewpoint on Vietnamese-Taiwan marriages,  » Hang told VnExpress.

« We get many rude feedback, including ‘How much does it price to obtain A vietnamese spouse? (suite…)