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mercredi, novembre 20th, 2019

In total, the evacuees must be much more than a thousand, perhaps their number should be given in thousands, » – he added. UN prepared to accept 100 thousand. Idlibie people in the north-west Syria – said Egeland. He reserved, however, that this does not solve the problem in its entirety and therefore asked the United Nations to Turkey on the possibility of creating a « new, large camps » for evacuees. « I’m afraid of what will come after this operation, both in terms of Idlib, and all other areas where fighting is still taking place and where there pay for research paper are hundreds of thousands of internal refugees in the middle of a conflict zone » – said the representative of the United Nations. He added that outside of Aleppo in Syria is 15 besieged zones where prisoners is approx.

700 thousand. people. Egeland reported that in the last weeks of fighting UN counted 50 thousand. people who fled from eastern Aleppo, and on a small patch of land in the city, still controlled by rebel forces, can still be approx. 30 thousand. people. He added that the United Nations verifies their estimates a month ago, according to which in the east of Aleppo was approx. 250 thousand. people. Also on Thursday, Turkish Red Crescent announced that the head of the organization resides in Syria to monitor the evacuation of residents from the east of Aleppo and the establishment of a camp for evacuees in the Syrian province of Idlib.

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