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How Can Mexicans Propose Marriage?

mercredi, février 26th, 2020

How Can Mexicans Propose Marriage?

by Gustavo Arellano

Dear Mexican: Why does every Mexican rap/hip-hop track constantly retain the words, “No paramos,” “Nunca paramos,” or other logically comparable declaration (e.g. “Siempre avanzaremos,” “No acabaremos de seguir,” etc.)? Can’t you people be much more initial? I am talking about, seriously! It’s maybe perhaps not as if you all speak a language which makes rhyming especially hard, and I’m certain one or more of these barrio-dwellers-turned-rap-star millonarios can find a diccionario de sinonimos and state something more influenced than the things I hear duplicated on every pinche track. Or even, do you want to please buy one for them? You’re a journalist. You’ve surely got to get one, right? —Dando los Punetazos a Mis Ninitos.

Dear Child-Abusing Gabacho: You’re criticizing the culture that is wrong. It’s hip-hop, maybe perhaps not Mexican tradition, who has made “No paramos” (“We don’t stop”) a cliche for the genre since “Rapper’s Delight.” And also the music that is same has historically offered lyrical pats regarding the straight back for the audience, whether black colored or brown or working-class, by preaching development, solidarity, pride, and activism. They’re leitmotifs, son, the same as just exactly how all Ramones rip-offs shout “1-2-3-4!” or rock bands growl whether in Norwegian or Spanish: simple gestures that signify more than their literal meaning and tie them into a tradition that is long. (suite…)